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Save Food: Practical Tips for Waste Prevention in the Household

Do you sometimes think about how bad it is that so many foods are simply being thrown away? In supermarkets and restaurants you can see that again and again. But beware, in Austria most food is thrown away in the household! 

Here is an old banana, as a dry roll, here two slices of cheese, as a piece of tomato. That sums up neatly: in households, there are three times as many avoidable food waste as e.g. in supermarkets. All of these foods were produced using a large amount of resources, causing greenhouse gases. It does not make sense to throw them away.

Each and every one of us can help to change that - with simple tricks:

1. Write a shopping list - this helps to plan purchases better and not too much or the wrong buy.
2. Examine large packs: When buying large packs and multipacks, think about whether you really need these quantities - because if some of it ends up in the garbage, the best 1 + 1 campaign was free!
3. Keep track of things: out of sight, out of mind - food often gets bad because you're overlooked by the fridge in the back corner. Stash new purchases in the refrigerator at the back and clear up any broken food!
These tricks are easy to implement but have a great impact and benefit both the environment and yourself.

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