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Keto diet: 17 recipes to enjoy!

The keto or ketogenic diet is one that produces in our body a process called ketosis that can be very useful when burning fat and produce important metabolic changes. To achieve this, hydrates must be considerably restricted from there, which is a diet that requires control and limited time for its realization. Since it is not easy to implement this strategy, we left 17 recipes to carry out the keto diet.

Recipes for breakfast or snack 

Since in the keto diet it is not possible to go to cereals and derivatives nor to bread, fruits or starchy vegetables, our breakfasts and snacks will change considerably. Some recipes rich in protein foods and fats that we can make for these meals are: 

Huevos Nube: are ideal for a quick breakfast with no more than egg, although we can serve it with bacon as the recipe shows, either with seeds, nuts, avocado or simply with chicken breast or cooked turkey.

Spongy omelet: it is one of the most basic and easy options for our breakfasts. We can serve it alone or, accompany it with avocado or cheese if we want to add a different flavor.

Eggs in Serrano ham casserole: it is another egg-based alternative that allows us to complete the first meal of the day easily and with many proteins as well as satiating power.

Avocados with baked eggs:
ideal to obtain proteins, healthy fats and a variety of vitamins and minerals in our first meal of the day without going to foods rich in carbohydrates.

Cloud bread
: ideal for bread lovers who miss this food. It is easy to prepare and we can combine it with cheese, ham, avocado, olive oil or as many ingredients as the keto diet allows.

Recipes for lunch or dinner

For the main meals without going to cereals and derivatives, legumes or vegetables or fruits, we will use meats, fish, cheese and eggs in different preparations:

Cod omelette:
very easy to make and full of proteins. Include a minimum of vegetables that will not affect ketosis but we could also remove them from the recipe if necessary.

Tuna stuffed eggs:
rich in healthy fats and proteins that satisfy this recipe is ideal for a simple dinner or, as an appetizer or entree of a more complete menu.

Greek salad pan:
if necessary we can avoid the tomato and onion of the recipe, although the amount of hydrates per serving is too low to interfere with ketosis. This dish is ideal for an easy meal but very satisfying and rich in good fats.

Light Tuna Quiche:
for lunch or dinner this quiche is very easy to make and it is very attractive to the eye as well as to the palate. If we wish we can change the tuna for another fish without inconvenience.

Baked chicken breasts with Morbier cheese:
with many proteins that satisfy and an extra calcium due to the cheese of the recipe this dish is ideal for lunch or dinner.

Poached eggs with gulas and prawns:
for snacking or to serve as a showy starter of a more complete menu to entertain guests this may be the ideal recipe that respects your keto diet.

Roasted avocados with mozzarella:
it is a very simple preparation that although we can use it for breakfast, it goes very well as a starter or for a light dinner.

Baked salmon with nuts:
a recipe packed with omega 3, ideal to sate at lunch or dinner due to its richness in protein and fiber.

Sweet recipes and others for our keto diet

In addition to salty dishes that are the easiest to solve with protein ingredients, it is also possible to achieve sweet recipes and others that usually carry sugar but suitable for our keto diet:

Avocado truffles:
ideal to share and serve as a healthy dessert. It is essential that the chocolate used is black, without added sugar or with a high degree of purity (greater than 70%).

Homemade Nutella:
no added sugar, no palm oil and very tasty with good fats for the body. We can use it to create chocolates with almonds and seeds or, to accompany a cloud bread.

Panacotta al cacao:
it is a recipe with defatted cocoa and no added sugar, ideal for an occasional dessert since it does not have a large amount of protein and therefore, it is not very satiating.

Creamy chocolate and avocado:
to serve as a dessert we can prepare this recipe avoiding the honey that includes it and increasing the amount of sweetener we use.

And as we said before, it is fundamental to choose pure cocoa or without added sugar. Although if you are a consumer of vegetables, fruits and vegetables you will miss these foods, here you have 17 tasty recipes ideal to carry out the keto diet.
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