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Healthy Recipe: Follow the sandwich diet for lunch with pakhamhos!

With the Pakhamhos sandwich diet, you can put together your need for a quick lunch and your plans to get back into shape.

Having mountains back working and not finding time to sit in the canteen or at the restaurant is a common situation. By saving the time of the lunch break, you can preserve those precious minutes more to pick up the children at school or to sneak out of the office a little earlier and finally do something for yourself.

Well, choosing a quicker lunch break by eating a sandwich does not mean you have to forget the line or mess up your diet plan.

Wholemeal sandwich with zucchini, guacamole and fenugreek sprouts: Click here

The sandwich diet: the importance of bread

It is only a common ground unfounded that for which the sandwich is a sworn enemy of physical fitness and health, it is not at all like that.

The definition itself says so: the only essential thing about bread is bread, so everything, very simply, depends on the type of bread you choose and on what you decide to put in it.

Rich in carbohydrates and starches, the advice on the type to be preferred is good for everyone. The best (from a dietary point of view) is the integral one - which with its unrefined cereals is the richest in fiber and facilitates intestinal transit. However, the less seasoned sandwiches, such as French or Arabic bread, are to be preferred.

To avoid, focaccia, white pizzas and tortillas, because more greasy, fat, salty and caloric. Unless you try to prepare the homemade light, a very light recipe (just 200 calories), without lard or oil, but only with semi-skimmed milk.

A little curiosity: it is less caloric a sandwich with raw ham at the bar of a piece of pizza.

Choose the best ingredients

The ingredients to fill the sandwich, you can choose according to your tastes and specific needs, even here but sticking to good general rules.

First of all the variety. Dining with a sandwich does not mean always eating the same: with great advantage for the palate and for health, the possibilities are many and there is something for all tastes.

Mozzarella and grilled vegetables, salmon and salad, tuna rocket and tomato, turkey and vegetables, shrimp and avocado, etc. The list is long: click here and discover the recipes to vary your sandwich diet every day. Check out our bread and rolls section to vary your diet.

The Pakhamhos sandwich diet

The Pakhamhos diet is balanced, varied and personalized: it is built on your needs and tastes and offers you several options, so that you can choose the one best suited to your lifestyle.

In our page, in the food preferences section, you can find the option of a meal outside the home. Choose the one of the sandwich if you think it is the most suitable for your lifestyle.

Thanks to the substitutions service of Pakhamhos , you can still change your weekly menu at any time, in case a variation occurs in your food and time requirements.

General rules for Better Health

Because fitness is not at risk even in the case of sandwich lunch, just follow the simple rules.

Take care that there is always a proper daily balance (taking into account the other meals of the day) in the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Consider the sandwich a single dish.
  • Always remember to avoid fat-rich sauces such as mayonnaise.
  • Crop, despite tight deadlines, the "right time" to eat, or not less than 20 minutes. Because chewing quickly makes digestion more difficult and because satiety is also a psychological sensation that the brain must have time to process.
  • To abound with the portions of vegetables contained in the sandwich, perhaps to the detriment of the bread itself.
These are not difficult rules and following them eating healthy at the office will be a breeze.

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