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12 Customs that make you fat

Surely you have manias or habits that make you fat and repeat routinely. It does not come with dieting, you have to follow a Coherent Diet and leave some behaviors that, erroneously, you think help you lose weight. Today we present a list of habits that boycott you and make you unable to lose weight. Remember that in 21 days the body gets used to new habits and it will be easier for you to achieve your goal.

12 Customs that make you fat

Apply these changes of habits in your daily life and you will see how you deactivate these 12 habits that make you fat:

Skipping the breakfast

Whether it's because you're not used to breakfast, because of lack of time, or because you think it's good to lose weight, skipping breakfast is a mistake. When you get up you must activate your metabolism and nothing better than a balanced breakfast to start the day. This should contain protein, favorable fat and carbohydrates and do not let more than an hour pass from when you get up until you have breakfast. It is one of the habits that cause fattening that is repeated.

Skip snack mid-morning or snack

The body needs to eat every 4 hours to balance the hormone insulin, which regulates appetite and fat storage. When you eat 5 times a day your body feels satiated and you will not reach the food or dinner with a ravenous hunger. It is proven that fasting fattens the same as a pasta dish, since the next meal the body will use the calories more efficiently.

Take too much salt

Salaring excess food is not healthy since it raises blood pressure and also causes you to retain more fluids, which blocks your chance of losing weight. The good news is that you can educate the palate by adding less salt each day to your dishes, in a short time you will get used to it.

Eat before going to bed

This is a very common habit, take something that curiously is usually full of calories, like chocolate, a cookie ... before going to bed. According to chronobiology, it is the worst time of day to take hydrates, because there is less sensitivity to insulin and calories are stored in the form of fat. You should have a good snack, light dinner and if you need to drink something in the recipe, better protein (a slice or two of serrano or Iberian ham) that will not give you so many calories.

Distracted eating makes you gain weight

In Coherent Diet we recommend that the moment of the meal should be special, you have to realize what you eat, enjoy it, savor it and be aware of every bite. If you are eating with your mobile, reading, watching TV, etc., it will make your mind wander and you will not be really aware of what you have eaten. According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat distracted tend to eat up to 50% more calories.

Habit of Eating fast

The kind of life we ​​lead makes you move the rush to the time of the meal. You must know that digestion begins in the mouth and the more you chew the food the easier it will be for your body to digest it. In addition, the feeling of satiety takes about 15-20 minutes to reach your brain, so spend at least 20 minutes eating to avoid getting fat.

Getting not enough sleep

When you sleep poorly or afternoons your eating habits are altered since your schedules change. This affects the hormonal level, facilitates the conversion of calories into fat and that you do not feel full when eating.

Stress and anxiety

These are two enemies of the diet, cause the "emotional hunger" and makes you throw yourself into junk food or full of calories to calm your anxiety. On the other hand they activate insulin, they favor that your body accumulates more fat and that your deposits do not burn (they inhibit lipolysis). Compensate stress with pleasant leisure and relaxation techniques. Always have an anti-ham tray ready for when this feeling appears.

Habit of Drinking little water

Your body accumulates toxins that must be expelled in the urine. Drinking water or infusions is a habit that you should practice. Curiously, the more you drink, the thirst you have as the body gets used to the good easily and likes to be hydrated.

The sedentary lifestyle

The diet is worthless if you do not follow an active lifestyle. It does not mean that you sign up for a gym if you do not have time or do not like it. Walk, walk, ride a bike, climb the stairs on foot and make 10 minutes of toning a day, following our Coherent Training to activate your metabolism. Download our free app to your mobile and use the bailiwick, you will see how you motivate yourself to do a little more exercise each day.

Mix starches in the same food

One of the principles of Coherent Diet is not to mix starches (bread, potatoes, pasta, quinoa, rice, couscous) in the same food because they multiply their effects on insulin, favoring the storage of body fat.

Now that you know there are habits that make you fat and what are, you just have to modify your habits to lose the weight that you have marked.

Drink water with lemon

Start the day by drinking a glass of water with three drops of lemon helps with constipation, alkalizes the pH and promotes the elimination of toxins, so you will feel lighter.

Do not think twice, avoid these 12 habits that make you fat!

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