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Famous people who suffer from Asperger's Syndrome

Psychological disorders do not understand social classes, and can affect anyone even if they find the best possible care. In Asperger's syndrome (discovered by pediatrician Hans Asperger) social skills are impaired in both behavior and thought.

But how do I know if I have Asperger's syndrome? For people who suffer from it, it is expensive to relate correctly, communication capacity is difficult to the point of not being able to maintain a prolonged conversation or to start a relationship, being one of the most complicated diagnostic syndromes. Treating someone with this kind of syndrome requires knowledge about the traits of this disorder.

How can it be that a celebrity suffers from this syndrome? The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not an incapacitating syndrome, with effort and motivation they can keep on interacting and it is even possible that it goes unnoticed. On the other hand, Aspergers "learn" about themselves by discovering the best way to get to know people and lead a more or less normal life.

In this list we present some famous people who suffer from Asperger's syndrome, surprising as it may seem.

Bill Gates

The mythical founder of Microsoft and the second richest man on the planet has Asperger's Syndrome. Perhaps this is the reason why his presentations were never at the level of Steve Jobs' charisma.

However, his abilities and intellectual qualities have led him to maximum professional success: he heads the prestigious Forbes list, he is the creator of the Windows operating system, and among his multiple awards he has one of the most prestigious awards, the Prince of Asturias Award for Cooperation International 2006. An award he received thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is responsible for carrying out numerous actions and education and learning campaigns such as AIDS prevention in India.

Tim Burton

The controversial director Tim Burton has never hidden his condition. Some say that the bizarre of his films is born just because of his illness. In fact, his films are characterized by the particular hallmark of this director, which mixes the world of fantasy with the somewhat dark and gothic style of his characters, a style that has earned him the success of titles such as : "Beetlejuice", "Eduardo Manostijeras" "The corpse bride" or "Nightmare before Christmas".

It was his ex-wife Helena Bonham Carter who confirmed that the brilliant film director suffered from Asperger's Syndrome.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is one of the most acclaimed students in the world of cinema, although few know he suffers from this syndrome. His films are mostly guarantee of success. Proof of them are "E.T. The alien "," The list of Schindler "," Shark "," Jurassic Park "or" Save Private Ryan ".

He shot his first short film when he was a teenager at the Pinnacle Peak Patio restaurant in Scottsdale. The images showed the remains of a train accident, remains that were part of a model that he prepared.

In addition to directing films, Steven Spielberg has also shown extraordinary gifts as a producer, screenwriter and even as an American video game designer.

Susan Boyle

The famous Scottish singer Susan Boyle is characterized for having a nature withdrawn by nature, however her fantastic and prodigious voice made her appear in the television contest "Britain's Got Talent": her impeccable interpretation of the song "I Dreamed a Dream" of the musical "Les Miserables" left everyone in the room speechless.

Susan Boyle acknowledged in her statements that as a child she suffered bullying because doctors wrongly diagnosed brain damage. Interestingly, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome just 4 years ago.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is considered one of the most mysterious and at the same time famous actors in the world of interpretation. Some of his most famous film successes are: "Matrix", "Pact with the Devil" or "John Wick".

He is not officially diagnosed and when he has been exposed to the topic he has subtly avoided it but many experts say that in his expressions and his measured social outings you can see patterns of the Asperger.

Although he suffers from one of the greatest fortunes in Hollywood, it is common to see him eating in street stalls with a very careless style. In fact, far from the luxury and glamor that characterizes the actors of his professional circle, Keanu Reeves has no mansions, lives in a small apartment and still uses the subway to travel.

Charles Darwin

Difficult to talk about the suffering of a syndrome in a person already deceased. However, the rumor mill in the story about one of the most important researchers and personalities in history, Charles Darwin, father of the Theory of Evolution, points out that in his time he covered all kinds of traumas and symptoms for his strange ideas about evolution.

His tendency to always be alone with the obsession with shells, insects or chemistry along with his extraordinary genius and intelligence would make it possible that it was just another case of Asperger's Syndrome.

Stanley Kubric

Along with the rest of the directors, the famous author "The mechanical orange" or "2001: a space odyssey", Stanley Kubric was also known for his tendency to get away from people, as well as his obsession to seek the maximum perfection in each of his works. Those who related to him described him as an eccentric and incredibly meticulous person.

If we add that he always preferred the company of animals, that he was extremely skilled playing chess and showed a certain coldness towards relationships with people we can see a more than probable Asperger's Syndrome.

Satoshi Tajiri

By its name it is probable that it is not recognized but his work speaks for itself. The creator of the Pokemon phenomenon was diagnosed with Asperger due to his emotional deficiencies when interacting with others.

When he was little Satoshi Tajiri was dedicated to collect insects, in fact this was his main source of inspiration when creating the famous Pokemon, a game that bases its dynamics on finding and collecting small creatures. The faithful reflection of the small obsession that from small would mark the way to its maximum success.

It is said that Satoshi Tajiri follows a somewhat atypical schedule routine, as he remains awake 24 hours in a row and sleeps 12. Shy and reserved is another clear example of Asperger's Syndrome.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is known for being one of the most famous Argentine footballers of all time, five times awarded the FIFA Golden Ball. It is not a case publicly recognized however the rumors suggest that certain attitudes resemble to a great extent the described for a person with Asperger's Syndrome.

The extraordinary abilities to play soccer together with a somewhat distant character that apparently causes problems to socialize due to a lack of empathy, relate it to the characteristics of this syndrome.

Albert Einstein

Who is considered one of the most famous scientists of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, is one of the famous people who best fit the definition of a person with Asperger. Apparently the character of Einstein was obsessive and maniacal, besides presenting important problems for social relations since he was very small. In fact until he was seven years old, it is said that he kept repeating certain phrases continuously and locked himself in a series of very specific activities.

The father of the "theory of relativity" had an IQ of 160, however he had an outstanding physical awkwardness and tended to isolate himself from the world to focus on one of his great obsessions, the study of science.

Marcelo Rios

The one that for many is one of the most famous and famous tennis players in Chile, Marcelo "Chino" Rios, has recently stated that his attitude corresponds in a high percentage to that of a person who has Asperger's Syndrome.

As he himself has stated he believes he has at least 69 of the 70 symptoms that characterize this disorder, his attitudes prove it: besides having amazing tennis skills, he admits feeling very overwhelmed in public places, he is obsessive, It supports to see two sneakers together and is very strict with the schedules.

There is a certain tendency to relate the Asperger to autism, the truth is that Asperger's Syndrome is a disorder that is included in the autistic spectrum or PDD (a term that translates as Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and that encompasses those types of disorders that they are caricatured by problems to socialize or control the language) but it keeps certain differences. Particularly they differ in small nuances that differentiate an Asperger person and an autistic person:

Asperger syndrome: People with Asperger have an above average intelligence, however they have difficulties for social relationships because they lack empathy and ability to interpret emotions. It can be diagnosed through a test supervised by a specialist, as well as tests and neurological and genetic evaluations (it could have a hereditary component) together with the evaluation of certain behavioral patterns. Most cases are usually diagnosed after 6 or 7 years of age, at which point it is necessary to follow appropriate treatment and therapies to improve their development and avoid certain problems such as school failure. Asperger one of the main causes of this problem that often characterizes children as gifted. The best way to help a person with this syndrome is to understand their limitations, accept their hobbies and respect their obsessions.

Autism: Autistic people have problems to interact, do not assimilate changes and become obsessed with behaviors and movements. They have significant difficulties for sensory processing. Autism can be mild or very marked and has very significant features in terms of character and ways of interacting, so it is important to work on aspects related to the way of transmitting emotions and socializing.

But how do I know if my son has Asperger's syndrome? It should be noted that this type of disorders are usually detected in children at an early age, so it is common to detect it in the childhood stage although in some cases it is even possible that it is diagnosed in adults. Detecting the first symptoms that define this disease is essential to consult a specialist.

Going to an association specialized in this syndrome can be of great help to understand many aspects and to learn how to treat them. In addition, we must bear in mind that we are not talking about a disease, but a disorder that has no cure but can be taken and assimilated with therapy and certain medications to treat irritability, hyperactivity or attention deficit.

Did you know...

The rumors about Asperger in the world of cinema point to many more actors and artists who are behind a curious barrier that prevents us from identifying them: they "act" in real life to look normal. Confusing being discreet with having a disorder goes too far so rumors do not go further in most cases.
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