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How to delay the period (menstruation) a few days

The arrival of menstruation in women usually occurs, under optimal conditions and following the normal cycle, after 28 days. However, depending on each woman, it is possible that the menstrual period is delayed or on the contrary is ahead, although it will always cover a range of days that approach the normal cycle, unless other circumstances that alter the normal rhythm of the menstrual cycle and affect health.

However, there are certain situations that can make us think: "I want and I need to delay my period in a safe and natural way, can I do it if I take natural products and without side effects ?, how do I do it?". Maybe you go to the beach and want to swim without the discomfort of having to use a menstrual cone or tampon, or have an event and want the rule to go down with less flow or later.

It is possible that you plan to maintain relationships and you want to delay your period in a natural way so that it comes down at another time or maybe make an advance or on the contrary if it has already appeared, you want to remove this uncomfortable obstacle. Discover through the following tips and techniques how you can fast forward or delay the rule and what natural home remedies will help you establish a date close to your needs.

Home remedies to delay the rule


One of the ways to delay the period naturally consists of eating certain types of food during that week, among which we can highlight one in particular, it is the lentils.

For sure there is no explanation for such a phenomenon, but the truth is that it is enough to eat lentils or lentil soup routinely at least two weeks before the day when menstruation is needed to delay the event between one and two days , so do not stop putting the best recipes with lentils to check their effectiveness.

Take yarrow tea for the delay of the period

Another of the most recurrent natural ways to delay the rule is to drink yarrow tea. To prepare these homemade remedies is very simple, for it must be added to 250 ml of boiling water between 60 and 70 grams of yarrow and leave it for a few minutes. Then we strain it and let it rest.

How much tea can be consumed? About a cup between two and three times a day to begin to notice the desired effects, that is, to delay the descent of the rule. Additionally, this tea provides other health benefits.

Birth control pills or ring

One of the advantages of taking contraceptive methods in addition to that they serve not to get pregnant, such as the pill or the Nuvaring ring, is the fact that you can choose the day on which we want the period to appear by varying up to 3 days the intake of the tablet of pills or the placement of the ring. In this way, if you are taking this contraceptive method, you can avoid lowering the rule the day it should be done by retaining it, and causing a delay, something harmless to health, if done sporadically.

In this way it is easier to calculate the number of days and to postpone the taking of the pill or the setting of the corresponding Nuvaring ring the time that we need always taking into account one of the most important things of this method, that we should not delay it more than 3 maximum days since it can generate a hormonal imbalance in women, just as you should not prolong this type of alteration for many months, so it is best to consult with the doctor.

Since the contraceptive pill adds synthetic hormones in the body, this could in some women bring some side effects on health, which discourage many of them from continuing the regimen continuously. Being this way, it is important to be able to know how to correctly take the contraceptive pill, in order to minimize its possible negative effects on health.

Take apple cider vinegar to delay the period

Apple cider vinegar has always been closely linked to the popular belief in women that their intake actually causes the rule to be delayed. The acidity of the vinegar causes the rule to be delayed in a natural way although yes, it is advisable to ingest it when it is diluted with water as well as having a strong flavor could cause gastric discomfort.

Delay the rule with lemon juice

Another of the natural secrets that can apparently influence the arrival of the period is drinking water with lemon in large quantities, a few days before the beginning of the rule, which could cause a delay in their arrival. Normally you drink the lemon juice together with warm water on an empty stomach but you can also take it at any time of day to take advantage of the benefits and achieve the desired effect, delaying the period naturally.

Anyway, it must be borne in mind that it is not an infallible method and that the lemon can cause different reactions, from delaying it to even overtaking it or less flow, so it should be tested moderately to draw conclusions.

Perform intense physical exercise

Physical exercise is another of the ways in which the body reacts with a delay in the period. However, it must be borne in mind that to be effective it must be an aerobic exercise of great intensity so it is not a remedy that suits all types of people, since the body may not be prepared for an activity that requires a lot of effort. That being the case, you should follow the advice of a professional so as not to submit to a counterproductive fatigue.

The reason why intense exercise causes menstrual delay is because it can lead to a period of physical stress, which causes the hormones to be altered so that menstruation can be delayed or perhaps be delayed. In the same way, a state of nerves can cause the rule to be delayed; however, it is not the best way to provoke it because this can lead to more serious health problems that must be treated by a specialist.

Cold water shower

If the period has arrived and you need to make a delay, paralyzing it, cold showers are another of the safest natural home remedies to delay the menstrual period, however for this to happen the water must be at a very low temperature, which is not always possible, especially in countries with a warmer climate.

The impact on the body causes the body to react by cutting the rule, but in any case it must be borne in mind that the time in which the rule is delayed varies from one person to another and in the case of passing a cold is not appropriate carry out this process.

Infusion of parsley

Infusions are one of the least aggressive methods to force the period, either to advance its appearance or to postpone its arrival. This time, the infusion of parsley will serve to force the menstrual period, that is, it will serve to advance the rule more quickly instead of postponing its arrival, which can also help you plan a certain date in which you do not want to come your period. It is a good method also when your rule is delayed.

To prepare a parsley tea follow these instructions: throw 3-4 teaspoons of parsley in an infusion bag and place it in a cup. Add hot water to it and let stand between 5 and 10 minutes to infuse.

How many days can we forget the period?

There is really no margin for delay, it depends in a certain way on the way in which the body responds. It is not good, however, to delay it beyond 10 or 15 days since the period could take time to regulate.

On the other hand, keep in mind that vinegar is a substance with a high degree of acidity so you have to start taking it gradually so that the body gets used. To do this, start with a small spoonful reduced in a glass of water a day during the first week, and increase the number of tablespoons in one each week until you reach three tablespoons reduced in a glass of water.

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