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Everything about Fever

Fever is a protective process that helps the body cope with the attack of microorganisms that cause infections and other problems. In fact the definition of fever is: "Increase in body temperature above normal, which is accompanied by an increase in heart and respiratory rate, and manifests the body's reaction to any disease."

Although the body's defense system arises naturally, you can pretend to be hot or produce fever in your body with some methods such as wetting your feet, sleeping with wet hair, bathing in cold water, placing onions under the armpit or consuming a lot of Vitamin B, without harming health. With one of these tricks, you'll have a fever in hours!

Types of fever

There are different types of fever (or hyperthermia):

Continuous fever: It usually appears in people with urinary infections or in the case of known typhoid fevers. It is characterized by a type of fever in which the elevation is barely noticeable although it is sustained.

Remittent fever: The temperature varies by at least 1ºC in 24 hours

Intermittent fever: It is the most common type of fever, and may last several days. It usually lasts only 48 hours, after this time the body stops being warm and regains its normal temperature

Recurrent fever: It is very common, nothing more in people who have a weaker immune system than normal as it appears and disappears with several days interval of between.

However, from how many degrees do you have a high fever?

The ideal temperature is usually in a lower range than values ​​between 36.3ºC and 37ºC
From 37.6ºC it is called "fever" what it is when the temperature goes up a few tenths and at 38ºC it is considered that you have moderate normal fever and it is already necessary to begin to apply a treatment to lower the degrees.

From 39 º C we speak of a fever more persistent and a little higher until it reaches 40 º C, fever stronger than it must be treated immediately with some medicine, control that is not a constant fever and does not exceed the maximum of 42 º C, since a From this measure you have to go to the hospital to avoid putting your health at risk.

The best way to calculate the temperature is by taking it axillary, which is the most common way to measure it.

Causes of fever

But how can I know how much fever I have, if I do not have a thermometer? When high fever occurs in adults or children, chills, malaise, muscle pain appear and the main causes are usually:

  • Infectious processes
  • Inflammation of a non-infectious nature
  • Tumors
  • Alterations of the central system

Depending on the type of existing problem, the fever can be mild or reach more or less high temperatures. It is not the same an important flu process, an internal infection or diarrhea. The body reacts in different ways.

To make high fever arise at a certain time and intentionally goes against the nature of the body so that in no case should be ill on purpose, however it is possible to induce its appearance in certain situations without having to pretend that you are hot. If you have raised yourself - I want to get sick, how do I make the fever go up? - Well, because you want to miss school that day without your mother scolding you and not attending classes at school, at work, on an appointment or any other event and catching cold in such a short time is not possible, you should know that it seems or pretending to be hot or sick in the absence of real fever is not the best tactic for not getting out of bed, but there are some methods you have on hand that increase the chances of having a fever. Also, curiously you will notice that the fever increases a lot in the evenings, since it is the time of the day when the body temperature of the human being increases naturally.

How can you make your body warm and give you a fever? 

In the content of this article we will answer that question in many ways. On this page you will see some tricks and homemade methods that serves to get bad on your own and make the fever rise quickly and almost instantly. With this trick you will have a fever quickly from your home, you can write it down on a paper, you do not know when you will need it in your life.

Spend a day with wet feet

One of the easiest ways to get the fever up at any given time is to keep your feet wet for a whole day. This situation causes an imbalance in body temperature, so that the body increases this temperature somewhat to counteract the effects of having wet feet and being cold.

To increase the chances of the temperature increasing, you have to keep your feet wet all the time, and in the same way it is important to have the sensation of cold although that can make you feel even sicker until you start to feel the fever .

Spend the night with wet hair

To spend the whole night with wet hair in a cold environment, produces an effect very similar to keeping wet feet all day long. The cooling that occurs in the head causes the body to react to increase body temperature, so that in a short time the thermometer will begin to rise in temperature.

The effect can be increased if we go out to the street at a low temperature, or if we keep the room at a low temperature by opening the window. Pretending to be hot in this way is not very comfortable nor is it one of the most recommendable things that you can put into practice since it is one of the most infallible methods to catch a good cold and in more serious cases catch up to the flu, which can cause a major fever as well as create a headache.

Shower with cold water and go outside

A cold shower in the bathroom before undergoing low temperatures is one of the most effective magnets to attract viruses and microorganisms, which need cold to survive.

The effect that occurs in the body after a cold shower, when exposed to a cold environment, causes microorganisms to penetrate easily through the mouth or respiratory tract, which increases the chances of a cooling occurring that ends to trigger and elevate fever. You can control if the method works with a digital thermometer that will indicate the degrees at the moment.

Do intense sports

Can I have a fever by exercising? Performing physical exercise very intensely or running intensely causes the metabolic system to work in an accelerated way. This situation causes the body water to begin to evaporate so that a significant amount of liquid is lost. To balance this situation, the body reacts through a phenomenon known as rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdomyolysis causes the muscles, when suffering a damage caused by an excess of exercise, to release a toxic substance, myoglobin, which can generate the appearance of fever when entering the bloodstream. This type of fever lasts only a day, but it can help you feign a real fever.

Take foods rich in vitamin B

While it is not a piece of advice that will make you raise your body temperature until you get a fever, it can help supplement the previous tricks described. Thus, one of the ways to increase body heat naturally and without pretending to be hot, may be including in your diet foods rich in vitamin B:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Vegetables
  • Red meats
  • Potato
  • Liver
  • Yolk

There are many other foods for this purpose, in general all belonging to the vitamin B complex including: vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12.

Place onion under the armpits

It is not known for sure what the onion reaction can cause fever to appear, but the fact is that leaving onion under the armpits produces a response in the body that causes it to respond causing fever to appear. This is a home remedy that involves few risks and that can help to get a high temperature without having to pretend to be hot.

The explanation could be the attraction that the onion produces to the microorganisms which, when accumulating in the armpit zone, prone to the accumulation of toxins, can produce in the body a defensive reaction that causes you to end up with a lot of fever and sensation of cold and heat alternately.

It should not be forgotten that this type of situations, sometimes extreme, can trigger parallel health problems that do not justify the intentional onset of fever.

Fever is a natural reaction so that as far as possible, we should avoid its appearance in a forced way. To simulate a false fever or to try to provoke it can cause us even a disease, in fact it is necessary to be careful with the implementation other types of remedies and other somewhat dangerous ways that promise to cause the fever in 5 minutes. Proof of them is: place banana peel on the feet, snort or eat chalk as well as ingest a lump of sugar with a few drops of gasoline that although not effective can lead to significant health problems and diseases regardless of the person's years .

Did you know...

It is proven that one of the biggest mistakes that are made when suffering from fever is warm, contrary to this recommendation, it is appropriate and safe to remove all outerwear to prevent the body temperature continues to rise to abnormal conditions.
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