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What is Reiki?

Reiki originates in Japan, and is based primarily on the movement of a person's energy throughout their body. Thus, this system of Japanese relaxation acts on the body of the individual by placing his hands to begin to flow this energy, thus promoting the opening of the chakras.

What is Reiki for?

Mainly, the reiki is used to create a balance in the different levels that conform the physical and emotional state of a person. This balance is produced by imposing the therapist's hands on the person in order to transmit the universal energy. Thus, Reiki acts mainly on four levels:

Physical level: improves physical health problems, such as ailments in certain organs, changes in metabolism, etc.

Emotional level: acts on feelings mainly, such as frustration, sadness, aggression, or sentimental problems.

Mental level: at this level, reiki acts on problems that prevent the person from leading a normal life such as depression, insomnia, or anxiety states among others.

Spiritual level: acts improving harmony, and inner peace.

The chakras

The chakras are of great importance in Reiki. They constitute the main energy centers of the human body, responsible for receiving the external energy and channeling it towards the different vital organs.

The chakras have a close relationship with the endocrine system, and this in turn on the mental states of the person, so that when a problem is detected in this system there is a blockage of the chakras. Reiki is very useful to unblock them and give them back their energy.

There are 7 chakras, each of which corresponds to an area of ​​the human body:

  • Root chakra, or base
  • Navel chakra, or sacrum
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Crown chakra

The therapist will be in charge of detecting the blocking of the chakras and distributing the energy in a uniform way, proceeding to its equilibrium and therefore the well-being of the person.

Channeling energy for the first time

To initiate for the first time in Reiki, it is necessary to realize an opening of the seven chakras, which correspond to the main energy centers of the body. During this first phase, known as "Shoden", it is important to learn how to channel energy correctly through the imposition of hands.

By opening the channel, which is performed only once in life, the person is ready to take advantage of the energy from the universe, and thus begin the practice of healing that will allow you to improve physical and mental ailments.

A reiki session

A reiki session can last approximately 45 minutes. In it the person who comes to receive therapy should lie on a stretcher and relax. The Reiki therapist, will be placing his hands along the body, starting at the head and ending on the soles of the feet, moving the energy and standing in those areas or "chakras" that are affected.

During the time the therapy is performed, the person experiences a pleasant state of peace and relaxation. It is even possible that at some point you feel cold or warm, as well as a slight tingling or muscle movements, a sign that energy is shifting.

Once the reiki session is over, it is important to pay special attention to the signals that are produced in the human body to check the effectiveness of this therapy.

Healing crisis

The healing crisis is one of the most common consequences in people who have received one or several reiki sessions. These crises can be reflected in the day to day in the form of feeling tired, irritable, sad or nervous. This type of symptoms are normal, and necessary to eliminate all toxins accumulate in the body and in the mind.

It is necessary to go through this process of internal purification to begin to notice the effects of reiki. Once the bad energies are released, we will begin to experience all the benefits of the therapy.

The benefits of Reiki have made it become an increasingly widespread practice to which many people come in order to improve physical and mental states and enjoy a necessary balance that will make them feel with new energy.

Did you know...

The meaning of the word Reiki is in "Rei" (universal, without limits) and "Ki" (vital energy).
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