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How to cure dry cough

Dry cough, also known as unproductive cough (because there is no cough with expulsion of phlegm) or irritative cough, is one of the most annoying types of cough that usually appear at the beginning of a catarrhal process as well as in certain diseases of the respiratory tract.
In the beginning, and when the cough does not disappear on its own, it is important to determine the causes that cause it to treat it. In any case, and following some practical tips you will get better symptoms and even make it disappear.

Make fumes

Water vapor is an excellent trick to calm the dry cough since the steam helps to open and expand the respiratory tract which favors that we breathe much better and that therefore the cough disappears.

To make vapors correctly you can try adding eucalyptus leaves to a pot of boiling water, since this plant will improve the effectiveness of the vapors. When the steam starts to emanate from the water, place a towel on your head and move closer to breathe it. In a few minutes the cough will be gone and you will feel much better.

Avoid spaces laden with smoke

One of the great enemies of dry cough is undoubtedly the smoke, especially the one that comes from cigarettes, as well as the very charged environments. When we are going through a period of dry cough, be lime is the cause that causes it, it is very important to make sure to breathe air completely free of pollutants, as these could further aggravate the problem by producing an irritation of the respiratory tract.

Make sure you ventilate the room you are in and that the air is renewed and cleaned. Also avoid places with accumulation of dust, and any other type of strong substance.

Maintain good hydration

A good hydration is one of the keys to improve dry cough. That is why we must ensure that the throat is perfectly hydrated through the abundant intake of liquids either in the form of juice, soup or water glasses.

In any case you must avoid alcoholic beverages and sugary and sticky drinks. It is preferable to guarantee the intake of water, but in the case of preferring other options, we must ensure that they are liquid with nutrients, or accompanied by other substances that are beneficial for dry cough, such as honey.

Sleeping with a cut onion next to the bed

Onion is a highly recommended food to treat the problem of dry cough. Having a freshly cut onion on the nightstand will guarantee control of the cough, as well as a restful sleep that will allow us to rest and get rid of this discomfort.

On the one hand the steam emanating from the onion causes the environment to humidify, and on the other hand one of its compounds, polyphenols, act on the irritation that causes dry cough by making the respiratory tract soften by its calming effect.

To improve its effects and favor the emanation of vapors, it is very effective to add a spoonful of sugar on the cut onion.

Drink milk with honey

Nothing better than having a completely natural antibiotic like the one offered by the combination of milk and honey. Both ingredients act by softening the throat in a natural way, while acting on the infectious process or the irritating agent that causes it thanks to the healing properties of honey.

It is important to take warm milk, because if it is too hot we could cause an even greater irritation in the throat. On the other hand, do not use this remedy in case the cough is productive (that is, with expulsion of phlegm) because milk can increase the production of mucus, so in this case it can be a counterproductive remedy. It is recommended to drink a glass of milk with honey before going to sleep.

Sleep with your head slightly raised

One of the recommendations that we must take into account to treat dry cough is to make sure we sleep with our head slightly raised when we go to bed.

It is only necessary to add two or three pillows so that the head is higher than the rest of the body. This position allows the lungs to expand and therefore it is easier to breathe. In addition, all secretions that are released during the night will drain better and will not accumulate in the respiratory tract.

Place a humidifier

A humidifier is very useful to improve the problem of dry cough. The reason is that it prevents the mucous membranes from becoming irritated and drying out, causing the appearance of a dry cough. It is important that the humidity of the room is between 40% and 60% to ensure that it will act effectively.

That is, do not forget to clean it frequently to prevent germs from accumulating inside and always use distilled water to improve its performance.

If after a few days the cough does not disappear, and other symptoms also appear, such as fever and malaise, it is necessary to go to the doctor to rule out a more important disease. In some cases, dry cough can mask important health problems that should be detected in time to avoid complications.

Did you know...

Curiously, dry cough always gets worse at night. The reason is that during the day we swallow more saliva, which makes us keep the respiratory tract and throat hydrated. At night, when you sleep, the production of saliva and the number of times you swallow are reduced considerably, which causes the throat to dry and the cough to get worse.
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