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How to Save Food? Some useful tips

I live in a small household and it is often difficult to plan well and avoid food waste. Who does not know that: a loaf of bread is suddenly quite big! Fortunately, there are many ways to make food last longer. My best friend: the freezer.

Food such as bread, milk or butter, of which I have bought too much or of which there are simply no smaller packs, I just freeze and thaw them when I need them again. This also saves the way to the supermarket!

Before cooking, I always consider: Do I still have food at home, which are already close to the best before date? Are leftover leftovers from the previous day? Boiling it helps to prevent waste later on - and it encourages creativity to try a new recipe. Freezing helps me even if I have cooked too much and not all the leftovers can eat in time. Stews, soups and curries are particularly suitable for this. In the meantime, I often consciously cook more, so that I can then have a few more tasty meals with little effort.

For gentle thawing the best one day before take out of the freezer and put in the refrigerator. This has two advantages: The food thaws slower and gentler and at the same time cools the fridge - this saves energy!

Food Saving: 6 Tips for Proper Food Storage

Our foods are incredibly diverse - and this is reflected in their storage requirements. Often we are tempted to simply put the entire purchase in the refrigerator without thinking about it. But proper storage can help keep food fresh for as long as possible and avoid waste.

Tomatoes, melanzani, potatoes, onions and garlic have lost nothing in the fridge. Do not keep melanzani and tomatoes together as they will get worse faster. Keep onions and garlic in a ceramic pot with holes and potatoes like it cool (but not cold!), Dry and dark.

Fruits and vegetables are best kept in the vegetable compartment. Radishes and carrots should be stored without green! Otherwise this will unnecessarily drain water from the vegetables.

It is the coolest on the glass plate above the vegetable compartment. Here everything should spoil what easily, such as fresh meat, sausage and fish. Dairy products feel most comfortable in the middle of the fridge. Here also food leftovers are well placed. These should always cover you, so they stay fresh longer! Everything that requires less cooling and that can unfold its aroma can be found in the top compartment: Cheese and smoked, but also preserving jars fit in here. In the door, everything that is relatively insensitive and only needs a little cooling: eggs, butter, mustard tubes and juices.

With these simple tricks, the food will last much longer.

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