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Healthy nutrition is actually quite simple

More and more people deal intensively with the topic of healthy nutrition. How, what and when to eat, always haunts the mind. Eating the right thing in any case, even stressful everyday life, seems to be overburdening us more and more. In addition, there is a large group that - without much thought - feeds completely unhealthy. Obesity and eating disorders are increasing for years. At the same time, diet offers, special nutritional supplements and special diets are booming.

Is nutrition really that complicated?

It seems that we have unlearned the most natural things in the world like sleeping, breathing and eating. Everything is reduced to "completely or not at all", to exaggerated ambition or total indifference. We have lost sight of the natural center and have completely complicated the diet.

5 tips on how to eat healthy food

I would like to open with my tips an easy access to nutrition. You may already have heard many things and just need to be reminded again. You may already live some things in everyday life.
  • Pay attention to the three popular main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
  • The dinner should be the smallest. 
  • Do not make meals easy. Because energy can not be refueled afterwards.
  • Make it easy in everyday life: For example, through simple recipes with few ingredients, grocery lists, healthy take-away food such as fried rice with vegetables and chicken or through a varied lunch in the company canteen. This helps to eat regularly. 
  • Do not plan too far ahead, that makes it more complicated.
Only fruit or just salad is not a main meal. Here are some ideas for a quick lunch: egg dish with bread, vegetable pan with fish, microwave rice, tender wheat risotto, couscous with vegetables and cheese, semolina cook, etc.At least one meal a day should be consciously celebrated - with enough time and all the senses.

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