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Eating at work - the ideal nutrition in the office

Which diet helps to crack hard nuts in the office?

Is that familiar to you? Biscuit crumbles, chocolate papers, and empty coffee bugs conquer the desk, though we had many good intentions. Our need for healthy eating in the office is often overshadowed by spontaneous team meetings or dangling service cell phones. But the more balanced we eat at the workplace and the better we provide the body with fluids, the higher the power and ability to concentrate. We have therefore asked our nutrition experts for practical tips on how to do something good for our body in everyday life - even if it is stressful at the moment.

The perfect morning starts with a delicious breakfast

Theoretically yes. Because our body is hungry for energy, because our reserves are consumed at night. But if many other things should be done in the morning, we often can not do that. Nevertheless, you should at least drink a warm drink, a glass of diluted fruit juice or water.

And later, before you roll up your sleeves, you should at least eat a little something:

- a whole grain bread covered with cheese or ham
- a hard-boiled egg
- a honey or jam bread
- a cereal with fresh fruit
- a warm porridge (spicy with vegetables or sweet with dried fruit)
- Seasonal vegetables such as radishes, carrot sticks or kohlrabi

Small healthy snacks in between

Frequently grab nuts, fresh fruit, and seasonal vegetables to support their brains. These healthy snacks for in between can also be easily obtained and taken to the office. Dried fruit or granola bars help well to overcome a hunger-fast quickly - but there is quite a lot of fructose in it. They should therefore be enjoyed as a treat in moderation.

Also buttermilk or yoghurt are well suited for the daily snack. The best buttermilk "natural" or natural yoghurt, spiced up with fresh, seasonal fruits. Because attention: in products with fruit preparations, up to 23 pieces of sugar can be hidden per 500 ml!

Tip: If you try to plan your snacks at the beginning of the week and orient your purchasing accordingly, you will have the food on hand when needed.

The gourmet lunch helps with a balanced diet

The variety of different gourmet menus supports you in your weekly planning:
Have the snacks been too much of the chocolate side? No need to despair, balance it with a light lunch of the "FIT" category to upgrade your daily balance. Below you will find dishes, the max. 550 kcal and have a low fat content.

Our selection of balanced dishes is particularly large. For example, "spelled racket in spinach cream sauce with tomatoes", "cod in mustard sauce with pasta and carrots", "spinach pancakes with sheep's cheese on tomato ragout", "cream spinach with mashed potatoes" or "chicken peanut curry with basmati rice" and much others more.

Meatless days can be very well integrated into the weekly schedule, by paying attention to the label "vegetarian kitchen" or "vegan alternative" in our menu.

"Vegetable cutlet with horseradish" or "lentil and dumpling patties with chard" will make your mouth water when reading alone! We wish you a good appetite!

Drink enough, but watch out for sugar traps!

The hydration is enormously important in mental and physical activity. During the day, you should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters depending on your physical exertion. But beware: The sugar content of different drinks is not to be despised.

Did you know that…

... in 500 ml lemonade mostly 18 pieces of sugar cubes are hidden?
... put 7-10 pieces of sugar cubes in 500 ml of so-called "wellness drinks"?
... in 500 ml of classic ice tea (lemon or peach) 12 pieces of sugar cubes are included?

Therefore, it is best to use tap or mineral water. By dilute fruit and vegetable juices or teas offer your taste buds a good change.

Exercise regular drinking by placing a jug of water on your desk in the morning. This helps to cover the daily requirement and you get fit and healthy through the working day!

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