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Why carbohydrates are not fatteners

Carbohydrates are our # 1 source of energy! Their bad reputation they do not deserve - because our body needs it like a lightning fast race car best fuel.

But what exactly do we need carbohydrates for?

First, carbohydrates keep our blood sugar levels stable and provide the brain and muscles with a very important job. Nevertheless, our body can save only about 500 g of it. Therefore, it is essential to provide enough with it, otherwise he taps this emergency storage. If we keep our body constantly under supplied, for example, in a low carb diet or No Carb diet, he resorts to the ketone body (= degradation product of lipid metabolism) for the brain care. This boosts fat burning - but is not safe, because it can lead to concentration and memory weaknesses.

In addition, the system body switches to economy mode. As soon as food is available again, it leads to high insulin secretion and low blood sugar. This often leads to food cravings and wrong eating habits.

No fat burning without carbohydrates

Second, carbohydrates at the right time and in the right amount, combined with other nutrients, ensure good energy supply and satiety. But they actually support the fat burning. Because fat burns in the fire of carbohydrates!

Why do carbohydrates actually have such a bad reputation?

During the day many people today do not take time to eat properly at lunchtime. Dinner often replaces lunch as the main meal. In the evening, but like to eat at noon, is not good in the long run: Because our body sets the system during the day on economy mode. The Energy avalanche by an extensive main meal in the evening slowly leads to an increase in body fat, while reducing the amount of music. So it's important when you eat.

Stamping the carbs as a scapegoat backfires. In the short term you really lose a few pounds, if they are left out. Unfortunately, you lose not only fat, but first of all the 500g carbohydrate storage. And he takes at least 2 liters of water - which looks great on the scale. But as soon as we eat "normal" again, we increase again. The body replenishes its carbohydrate storage immediately and stores water again.

Of the good and bad carbohydrates

Are they really - the good and bad carbohydrates? Let's put it this way: There are complex and simple carbohydrates. The simple let the blood sugar rise rapidly and rattle just as quickly back into the basement. When we snack in between, it happens in our bodies. This is the famous sugar trap. An unbalanced meal causes cravings. Complex carbohydrates cause the blood sugar to rise slowly. Therefore, if already snacking, then not in between, but best as a dessert for a balanced meal.

So there is no reason to deliberately omit the good carbohydrates at lunchtime if you are eating reasonably well.

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