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How to cut the rule (menstruation) fast and solve with some home remedies

Menstruation can be cut with gelatin, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, nettle tea or eating coriander seeds. In addition, there are other natural methods that will help you stop the bleeding of your period, such as applying ice packs or drinking an infusion of thyme.

The arrival of menstruation or the period is a natural and normal process in the life of all women that occurs every month after passing a cycle that lasts approximately 28 days and includes ovulation, and can vary significantly from one woman to another.

Although we should not interrupt the bleeding of the natural process of the rule, today there are some home remedies to stop menstruation that can help us in many cases. Maybe you have a special event and you ask yourself: "I need to be comfortable for a special day and I want to do it without risks as I like, how can I cut the rule?" Or "How do I remove or cut the rule if it has already appeared?" Can cutting me the rule be possible without medication? "We will help you answer and solve those questions.

Well, these home remedies that we teach you, can serve in the case that we need to paralyze or cut the rule or period to make love, attend a party, go on a trip, a work event or for any other reason. We will also show you some of the remedies that do not work to cut the rule immediately or make it lower before and could actually result in a danger to your health.

Keep in mind that this series of tricks to remove the rule or make the bleeding cut will only help the menstruation ends faster naturally, because there are no methods that can stop at the same time and urgently menstruation. Remember that it is a natural process in every woman and that it would not be healthy to try to cut it in an extreme way or without an important need.

Take gelatin to cut the period

Gelatin is one of the most effective home remedies to cut the abundant rule, although it does not work in all women or it does in different degrees. Of course, it is only a temporary way to make it disappear since the effect lasts only a few hours.

Preparation to cut menstruation

For this many women prepare a drink of gelatin dissolved in water thanks to which they get to withdraw or suspend the rule quickly, but yes, for a maximum of three hours only.

Feeding in menstruation is very important for all women who want to attenuate the symptoms of it, in case they choose to have their normal menstrual cycle.

Take cayenne pepper to cut the period

Cayenne pepper is a well-known spice for its anticoagulant properties. It is only necessary to add a small spoonful in one of the infusions or teas that we take daily to begin to experience a marked reduction of the menstrual flow until it disappears at least during a small periods of time.

In addition, taking cayenne pepper we can benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties, so you can find out other recipes with pepper to take better advantage of its features.

Drink thyme infusion to cut the period in hours

The infusion of thyme is very effective when cutting the period, especially after the first or second day of bleeding.

To make the thyme tea you can boil about 50 grams of thyme in a large cup of water and let it boil until the water has been reduced by less than half, to finally strain. It is recommended to drink the infusion 3 times a day to begin to notice the effects.

This may seem interesting: a study in Iran proved that thyme is so good at relieving the pain associated with menstruation that it was even more effective in doing so than ibuprofen. How do you do it? It has been discovered that a component of thyme, carvacrol, inhibits cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), which is an enzyme that is associated with the body's inflammatory process that causes pain.

It should be noted that thyme has antiseptic and antioxidant properties, having a much more natural assimilation by the body than the chemicals found in the drugs, in addition to the effect of habituality produced by the latter, diminishing its effectiveness over time.

Apply ice packs to cut the period quickly

Ice packs are one of the natural home remedies to significantly decrease menstrual flow as it helps to stop or better control the bleeding.

But what happens when we apply ice? The ice acts exerting an important effect vasoconstrictor that causes that the blood vessels contract to restrain its appearance which causes that the rule is removed temporarily.

It is only necessary to apply this remedy in the lower area of ​​the belly for 15 minutes and repeat at intervals of between 3 and 4 hours to start noticing the results.

Drink tea or cinnamon infusion to cut the rule

Cinnamon tea, in addition to its pleasant flavor, is one of the most used home remedies to help regulate and minimize menstruation.

The preparation is very simple, because we just have to boil a little more than a cup of water and add a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon. We let it reduce a few minutes and serve. It is convenient to drink two cups a day; preferably one in the morning and another at night to delay its appearance or retain the rule.

On the other hand cinnamon tea helps relieve menstrual cramps and reduces the risk of blood clots, so it can be an interesting remedy to relieve the pain of the rule and avoid taking any medicine, such as ibuprofen. The natural remedies of this type are always more recommended because in this way we avoid the side effects inherent to the drugs.

Drink tea or infusion of nettle to cut the rule

Everyone knows the healing power of herbs and plants to treat many conditions. In case you need to cut the rule, the nettle can be a good natural remedy.

Nettle tea is another of the home remedies that we can use for those cases in which the bleeding of the rule is very abundant and we need to regulate and decrease its flow forcefully.

To benefit from its effects we must boil water, and once boiled add a handful of nettle leaves. Let it sit and we'll have it ready to drink. Taking two cups a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon nothing more, you can start to see the results.

If I take more cups than necessary, stop menstruation before? The answer is no, because an excess of tea can be counterproductive to health.

Consume coriander seeds to cut the rule

Coriander or coriander seeds are one of the most effective foods that serve to delay the rule, acting to normalize or balance a lot the hormonal changes, helping to stop menstruation when we drink them, in addition to having found in many women that helps to stop the colic associated with the period.

Cilantro also helps to normalize the secretions of the endocrine glands, which reduces the pain associated with menstruation.

To prepare the infusion of coriander seeds we must boil a handful of coriander seeds together with 2 cups of water. Then let them boil until the water is reduced to half and we will strain. We let it rest a few minutes and we drink, and in this way we encourage the stoppage of the menstrual process. These seeds cut the rule.

Lemon juice to stop menstruation

There are many opinions about the effectiveness or not of the lemon to stop menstruation. Many women have indicated that taking lemon meant cutting the rule or alleviating it, however, it must be said that no serious scientific evidence has been done to support it, and many have also denied its effectiveness.

Even so, for generations it has been considered the lemon (or its juice) as one of the most popular home remedies that exist to cut menstruation and relieve the pain caused by the colic that it produces, even helping the rule to last fewer days in the week. That being the case, the least we can do is mention it as a possible alternative but the best thing is for you to try this form for yourself, and see if it works for you.

How much lemon juice should I take? The idea is to drink several glasses of lemon juice the days before the arrival of the period.

Hormonal contraceptive methods

Although this article is based mainly on natural remedies to cut the rule, we also believe that it is important to touch on contraceptives. According to scientific data, oral contraceptives, such as the well-known pill, in addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancies, considerably reduce the amount of menstruation and the days it lasts. During your normal menstrual cycle, hormone levels rise and fall at all times leading to the appearance of so-called minicycles, and the hormones responsible for this are progesterone, testosterone and estrogen.

The advantage of hormonal contraceptive methods is that they can alter the hormonal levels of your body through synthetic hormones. For example, some methods work with progestin (a synthetic hormone that mimics progesterone) while others mix it with estrogen, with the latter being the most common. Since the behavior of the menstrual cycle depends largely on hormones, it is quite logical to assume that these hormonal contraceptive methods affect your menstrual cycle.

What is ovulation?

To understand the effect of hormonal contraceptives, you must first understand what ovulation is. Well, ovulation is the process through which the ovary releases a mature ovule, which is ready to be fertilized, generating this process thanks to the levels of the three hormones that we mentioned are low at that moment.

When taking birth control pills or other methods, your hormonal levels at this time of the menstrual cycle will not be low as we saw that these hormonal contraceptives provide the body with synthetic hormones that emulate natural hormones. Keeping hormones high will stop the ovulation process in your body by not allowing the ovules to mature and then be released. Likewise, if you take hormonal doses every day, you will avoid the growth and subsequent rupture of the endometrium, which interrupts your period and, therefore, vaginal bleeding.

Keeping the hormones higher will also prevent or greatly reduce the appearance of premenstrual syndrome, so these contraceptive methods are very required to avoid the annoying symptoms associated with this stage, which include abdominal pain, insomnia, pains headache, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Injectable contraceptive hormones

The contraceptive hormones that are applied in the form of injection can also have the adverse effect of making menstruation disappear completely; However, in these cases it is necessary to consult a doctor, because if you do it on your own you can suffer important hormonal disorders.

It has been proven that half of the women who resort to hormonal injections manage not to experience menstruation any longer, and after a year, about 75% of women.

This method is quite effective to prevent pregnancy because it has a 99.9% effectiveness if you take it correctly and orderly. Now, you can get pregnant after you stop taking it, since the body will immediately seek to have the normal hormone levels you had before taking the pills. This tells us that if you forget to take the pill one day, then it is better to supplement with other contraceptive methods such as condoms.

Aspirins Caution!

As we talk about contraceptives, we must also touch on the subject of aspirin, for everything that is said about it. Do not make the mistake of believing that ingesting aspirin with water can contribute to a sudden stop of bleeding in a few days. Aspirin is a medicine composed of acetylsalicylic acid that only prevents blood clots from forming. That is, what it does is increase the bleeding of menstruation and not decrease it as normally believed.

If you ever thought it was a great remedy, one of the things you should know is that it is not an adequate treatment for that purpose at all. Many women take aspirin with the aim of reducing menstrual pain without knowing that it actually increases blood flow because it can not coagulate properly, producing more frequent hemorrhages.

Therefore, the aspirins themselves do not cut the rule or interrupt it with its consumption, but quite the contrary: we will increase the flow. On the other hand, many women resort to ibuprofen, but if it is not taken with care it can cause stomach damage so it is not always the best option. If you want to take pills to cut the rule, it is best to consult opinions of different doctors.

There are other types of advice that, far from helping to stop the rule or cut it, can become a harmful remedy for health if they involve over-consumption of a remedy. Proof of this are beer, coffee and even ibuprofen. However, to know how to delay the period, norethisterone is one of the most popular drugs on the market, so if you have to do it, it is best to consult a doctor.

Am I wrong in cutting myself to rule in an induced way? Do I have to take some kind of precaution before I take my period? Well, the answer is very simple: do not forget that if you cut the rule you are doing an unnatural act that should not be abused, because in the long term could cause health problems, so the use of some of these tips It should always be done in a controlled manner and only in very special cases. If you need to stop her to have sex / relationships with your partner, you can do it but always without abuse, because otherwise it could be a problem.

There is no secret or special techniques to cut the rule for a day or a few hours. The most important thing is to be aware that menstruation is good, and in fact it is a natural process of the organism, because it eliminates the waste of ovulation and is a necessary step for the fertility of women.

Did you know...

Formerly in Greece it was thought that menstruation was nothing more than discarded blood that was contaminated.

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