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How to consume ginger for the throat issues

The arrival of cold is one of the most favorable times to get throat infections such as aphonia or pharyngitis as well as other conditions that cause it to be irritated and even inflamed, discomfort that cause difficulty swallowing, talking and that can reach be very painful Fortunately we have a great ally to deal with this type of ailments: it is ginger, used in numerous recipes.

Ginger is known for its many virtues, including its sedative and anti-inflammatory properties to remove or at least reduce sore throat and reduce inflammation. Besides its pleasant flavor make this food one of the best natural and homemade medicines that we can find.

Infusion of ginger and mint

Infusion of ginger is a great home remedy that can be used to relieve the discomfort caused by throat infection, sometimes associated with a cold, such as cough or inflammation. The preparation of this type of infusions is very simple and its softening and anti-inflammatory effects are almost immediate, especially when the pain is associated with a hoarseness due to a cold or inflammation of the vocal cords.

We will only need to add in a bowl four cups of water, 3 tablespoons of chopped ginger and a spoonful of dried mint. We will bring to a boil and let it reduce a few minutes. We chill and add honey to sweeten. We must take it when we feel pain, because the soothing properties of honey, the freshness of mint and ginger will serve to relieve symptoms in a short time and improve the hoarse voice quickly improving discomfort.

In addition to soothing sore throats, since ginger is an excellent expectorant treatment, it will help us eliminate phlegm in the case of a cold.

Ginger syrup with honey and lemon

Ginger syrup is a great remedy to soothe the throat and excellent natural medicine to treat the discomfort of a constipation. Besides being healthy and above all very natural, it is characterized by its pleasant flavor.

To make it we need to mix in a bowl a cup of sugar for a cup of water, and let it boil until it reduces. We cut very thin slices of fresh ginger and fill half a cup. Add to the water mixture with sugar and after stirring for about 15 minutes on low heat remove and let it cool. Then we must add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. We colamos and we leave it in a boat that we will refrigerate until we are going to take it.

You can take a tablespoon between 3 and 4 times a day, the first one fasting to find relief quickly.

Chew ginger root

Chewing ginger root is the fastest way to begin to experience improvement in the throat. Keep in mind that ginger root, when eaten raw, has a somewhat strong flavor very similar to lemon, so if we are not used to it, it may not be pleasant. However, when you mix ginger with saliva, it produces a calming effect that is very beneficial for your health.

On the other hand, ginger will help to soothe persistent cough, one of the most frequent causes of throat irritation. One way to counteract the taste is by adding a little honey.

Ginger candies

One of the easiest and fastest ways to enjoy the benefits of ginger for the throat, is to take it in the form of ginger candies. The ingredients are very basic and the result is exceptional since we can resort to them at any time to alleviate throat problems.

Its preparation hardly involves complication. To make them we only need around 200 grams of sugar that can be replaced by honey, 60 milliliters of water and a peeled root of ginger. On the one hand, heat the sugar or honey with water over medium heat until it thickens and has a texture similar to that of syrup. Then peel the ginger root and make cubes. Add the syrup and mix well. We boil and remove to rest at least one night. Then we drain them and let them dry and keep them in a dark, cool and dry place.

We will have our ginger candies ready, which we can use as one of the most effective remedies to treat the complaints of the inflamed throat.

In the case of not finding the way to cook these candies, it is possible to acquire pieces of dehydrated ginger that we can use in the same way to take advantage of all the qualities.

Drink ginger juice

Finally, ginger juice is another way in which we can take advantage of the virtues and healing properties of ginger to treat throat ailments and cure associated discomfort.

In order to obtain the ginger juice it is necessary to peel and begin to grate the root while we are squeezing the liquid that is released in the grating process. Another way to get the ginger juice is to wrap it in gauze and go squeezing.

Ginger juice alone can be a bit strong in flavor. To soften it you can add a spoonful of honey or a few drops of lemon, in this way we can enhance the benefits and begin to notice a significant improvement. It is also useful for gargling.

Ginger admits various forms of preparation. The ideal is to choose the one that is most comfortable to prepare and more pleasant in terms of flavor, without forgetting that in the case of not noticing improvement it is important to complement the natural remedies with the help of a professional.

Do not forget that in addition to being very effective in treating throat problems and colds, ginger serves to calm nausea and cough.

Did you know...

Despite its multiple properties and being good for treating numerous ailments it is possible to find certain contraindications or side effects in its consumption. Thus, ginger is contraindicated in people suffering from hypertension, as well as those who are taking medication for diabetes, anticoagulants and those drugs indicated for circulation.

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