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What to do if my teenage daughter is pregnant

Teen pregnancy remains among the main concerns for parents. The reasons are not few and it is that a pregnancy in adolescence is drastically changing the life of our daughter. Her school performance, her friendships, the relationship with the adult world, everything is suddenly resented without us seeming to do anything to avoid it. That is why we must be prepared to make it happen if our daughters approach adolescence.

We must first of all accept that our pregnant daughter will need our support no matter what happens. Regardless of how it happened, of our current relationship or how we feel inside ourselves, we must strive to stay with her, making her see that she is supported at all times. If we do not do it, not only will we make her feel lost, she will act independently without any control or logic.

Here are some useful tips that will be of great help to cope with the pregnancy of a teenage daughter.

Accept what happened

It has happened, our daughter has become one more than we sometimes see on the news. Denying reality will only transmit uneasiness to our daughter. We must accept that the pregnant adolescent is our daughter, we do not know how it happened or if it could have been avoided but the situation is what it is, having to face it together. Of course trying to hide it or get angry with it without providing constructive solutions will only make it move further away from us.

Keep calm

A teenage pregnancy is a tense situation for anyone. Before talking with our daughter we should try to calm ourselves. It is completely normal that we feel at first overwhelmed by the situation, even blaming us for what happened because we did not educate her correctly (something probably false). Once we have maintained control over ourselves we can start thinking about what to do next to the little one.

Listen to our daughter

In the first approach you are likely to feel withdrawn to talk to us because of the shame you feel. We must give him space to talk to us about what he thinks is convenient. Your feelings, how it happened, if you have thought about what to do with the child. You will need us to guide the conversation so that it is comfortable and does not wander into excess points, causing it to open up to itself without losing the idea of ​​how important it is that has happened.

Support her make the decision she makes

Pregnancy is a reality and both our daughter and we are aware of what happened. The final decision on whether to have the child or abort is from her, showing our support at all times. This does not mean that we do not talk to her about the possibilities and the changes that there will be in her life both having it and taking abortion, it is important that we act both as a source of support and, above all, of useful information and data. Issues such as your studies should be addressed in a mature way, without telling you that everything will go well. He must understand what is happening and make his decision based on it, not on promises that even we ourselves do not believe.

Involve the boy and his family

Regardless of whether she gives birth or not, we should contact the boy who made her pregnant and her family. If you abort it is essential that both understand what has happened to prevent it from happening again in the future. Of wanting to have the baby their lives will change completely, having to coordinate both families to be sure of how things will be done. It is essential that the burden of pregnancy is borne by both of us, not just our daughter for carrying the baby inside.

Did you know...

Adolescent pregnancy scares the boys more than the girls themselves when there is a real possibility that they are pregnant, while just before the act it is the girls who are more afraid of the possible pregnancy.
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