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What should my baby do two months after birth

Babies, when they are two months old, begin to wake up in many aspects, both physically and mentally. And it is that little by little they will begin to discover their body, their capacities and their movements are being much more agile and frequent.

Little by little you will be witnessing their small advances, their first gestures and smiles that will shape their autonomy and character. Then we show you all the changes and advances that a baby makes when he reaches two months.

Sleep more hours

As a general rule, although it does not have to be the same for all babies, when the newborns reach two months of age, they increase the number of hours of nocturnal sleep. This is because their sleep patterns are gradually normalizing.

In this way the hours of sleep during the day will be shorter and will increase during the night although they will still wake up to eat. After two months we must begin to let them learn to sleep alone so they can create a habit of sleep. Thus, when it appears drowsy or tired it is convenient to leave it in its cradle, so that this way they will acquire greater independence with the passing of the months.

Follow people and objects with the look

It is curious how babies at birth are not able to focus their eyes, so they will hardly be able to distinguish the face of the person who attends them and will not even be able to correctly visualize the objects that surround them, they will only be able to perceive only the lights or the shapes that move from one side to the other.

However starting from the second month everything starts to change. The brain of the baby will begin to be able to distinguish colors, will call attention to them especially the strongest and brightest colors. This is how they will begin to develop and improve their sense of sight by focusing correctly and learning to follow objects and faces with their eyes. A breakthrough that represents a great step in its development.

Move legs and arms when lying down

Movement is one of the changes that are best appreciated when babies reach two months of age. And is that although they are not yet fully aware of it, they begin to make impetuous movements with their upper and lower extremities. They are not yet coordinated movements and they will not reach to grasp objects correctly however they can begin to turn around and show their satisfaction by moving their legs and arms without stopping.

The discovery of the hands and feet is one of the most important findings of the baby, in fact it will spend long moments observing them and moving them.

Start lifting your head when you are face down

The baby's head, which until now did not have the necessary strength to maintain itself, begins to strengthen.

This is one of the most important skills that the baby acquires at two months, since it will be the basis through which he will be able to perform more complex movements such as crawling, sitting and even walking.

By the end of two months, the baby will be able to lift its head for a few seconds when it is lying face down, you can even turn it from side to side. When you pick it up, it will begin to raise its head on its own and as the months progress this control will be strengthened and strengthened.


When the baby reaches two months of age comes one of the most magical moments for parents, the baby's first smile. Until now the small smiles that the baby gave us were no more than a reflection of the risor muscle, however with the arrival of two months will begin to become real smiles caused by states of satisfaction and well-being, by the recognition of the voice of the mother or by the perception of pleasant stimuli.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the changes that produces the most satisfaction for the people around you, and one of the most important since little by little it will be an increasingly conscious smile.

He babbles sounds

The first sounds and babbles of the baby begin when they reach two months of age. These sounds are not yet understandable, however they are his first attempts to establish a communication with the environment that surrounds him.

These sounds have an important significance in the growth of the baby, and its appearance reflects that the brain is beginning to mature correctly so we could say that they are his first expressions of what months later will become the language.

We must let the baby communicate and learn to express his anger or happiness through these sounds, show interest when he does and speak to them as if we did with a person from our environment because it is a way for them to Babies begin to understand and acquire their first words.

Is less flexed when sleeping

When the babies have just been born, they still have the flexed position they had in the womb. That is why we can see how the limbs stay more flexed and collected while maintaining the fetal position.

At the end of two months, the babies stop sleeping and begin to extend and open their limbs. Little by little they lose their fetal posture and begin to be aware of the existence of their hands and feet, which will not stop moving and explore this crucial stage in their growth.

The arrival of two months in the baby is a very sweet stage for parents. This is because they have begun to get used to their habits, the frantic pace of adaptation after their arrival has been left behind, and the baby compensates us with its advances, its sounds and smiles.

Did you know...

While the brain of an adult person accounts for 2% of their total weight, in the case of babies, the brain represents 10% of their weight.
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