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Gemotherapy: what it is and what it is for

Gemotherapy is an alternative therapy that uses the colors and luminous reflections of precious or semi precious stones to cure various ailments of the human body. Precious stones and gems have always attracted the attention of human beings throughout their existence given their colors, reflections or beauty, but for many have additional benefits that can be channeled for the relief of many ailments.

In we tell you all about gem therapy, the alternative therapy of gems, crystals and stones.

The origin of gem therapy

Gemotherapy has its origin in the Hindu culture, and it is known that the ancient doctors of India considered that the human body comprised seven vital centers called chakras, whose mission was to regulate and regulate energy flows in the body. The Hindu doctors then began to use gems or precious stones to strengthen these chakras, being able according to them to balance any decompensation in the bodily flows of vital energy.

The location of the chakras

We already said that according to experts in gem therapy, there are seven chakras in the human body:
  • Brahamaranda: located in the head
  • Ajna: between the eyebrows
  • Vishuda: in the throat
  • Anhata: in the epigastrium in the lower part of the sternum
  • Manipura: in the navel
  • Inri: in the lower abdomen
  • Muldhara: in the lower part of the spine
Based on an analysis of each of these chakras, the specialist can issue a correct diagnosis. For this, it is possible to resort to dowsing, which is a skill that some people have to perceive electromagnetic radiation. The gemotherapist can then determine which chakra is affected in the patient, and since each chakra corresponds a certain color, the gem therapy expert will use one gem or another to start the treatment.

The corresponding colors of each chakra

Each energetic center of the body has associated a color that therapeutically influences in the restoration of the balance of the energetic flows controlled by the corresponding chakra. Thus, a planting with a certain color should be placed on the corresponding chakra so that it can exert its beneficial properties in the affected area.

We show below the colors and gems associated with each chakra:

  • Brahamaranda: Violet (fluorite and amethyst)
  • Ajna: Indigo (dark sapphire)
  • Vishuda: blue (sapphire, topaz and lapis lazuli)
  • Anhata: Green (jade, tourmaline, emerald)
  • Manipura: yellow (topaz and amber)
  • Inri: orange (opal, jasper)
  • Muldhara: red (garnet, ruby, red coral)

According to experts in gem therapy, quartz or rock crystal has the property of capturing all negative energies because it is a colorless (transparent) gem. Thus, it would be used to absorb these negative energies and expel them from the body, being something like the "wild" stone, being able to be used in all the chakras.

How is the technique of gem therapy?

The procedure in gem therapy is simple. Once the expert has been able to identify the chakra affected by an imbalance of energy flows, gems of the corresponding color are placed on this chakra. The effects of each gem are shown below:

  • The red gems are placed at the end of the back, near the kidneys. The location of the red gems and their color (stimulant) are useful for people who have a deficiency of sexual appetite, as well as women with menstruation problems.

  • The orange minerals that are placed on the lower abdomen are used to treat kidney and gallbladder colic, to improve digestion and also for the treatment of gout.

  • The minerals of yellow color are placed on the abdomen, in the part of the navel, they are used to obtain easier digestions, avoiding constipation and diarrhea. In addition, because they are located in the center of the body, they help to achieve a balance of the nervous system.

  • Green stones or minerals help regulate menstruation in women who suffer from regular cycles.

  • The blue minerals are located on the throat provide greater energy and creativity in the person.

  • The violet and indigo-colored gems work in the spiritual field of the human being, influencing their state of mind.

Did you know...

Gemotherapy believes that the vibrations of minerals and gems come directly to the hypothalamus, which in turn distributes them through the endocrine system.

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