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Health: How to sterilize a feeding bottle of Kids

The feeding bottle is one of the essential accessories that will accompany the baby during a good part of its growth. It is one of the tools that will help you drink and feed, will encourage your autonomy and help you hydrate.

Keeping it in good condition is essential to prevent the baby from attracting infections. The hygienic conditions of the bottle must be impeccable, that's why we teach you the best way to sterilize a bottle so that your baby is protected and fed correctly without risks.

Clean each piece carefully

The first step to sterilize a feeding bottle correctly is to remove all the parts carefully: teat, stopper, the closing collar, the anticolic valve and the container or bottle.

Once we have separated all the pieces we will proceed to clean each of them with water and neutral soap so that we eliminate any remaining milk that may have remained.

Next and with all the pieces separately we will proceed to the sterilization process that we have chosen, in cold or heat.

Sterilization with heat

Heat sterilization is the method most used since always to clean both the parts of a bottle and other accessories including teats or toys.

The easiest way to do it is by boiling. For this we boil water in a large pot and introduce each of the accessories with the help of tongs, allowing them to boil for a period of between 10 and 15 minutes approximately. Then we remove them carefully with the help of tweezers and let them dry in the open air.

There are other types of devices that already perform this process directly by plugging them into the electrical network and also accelerate the process since it takes place in a short time, about 5 minutes.

Sterilization with cold

Cold sterilization is the newest and one of the fastest because it does not need to boil the water. The process is very simple since we only need a container and some sterilizing tablets sold in pharmacies.

To use them we only have to wash the parts of the bottle with soap and water and put them in a container with cold water. We submerge the tablet inside and wait at least half an hour. It is a slower method than boiling the accessories, but completely safe and very useful if we go on a trip.

After finishing the sterilization, it is normal that the accessories acquire a chlorine odor. This is part of the process and is completely safe for the child.

Place each accessory separately in a suitable container

Whatever method is chosen to sterilize the bottle, it is important to dry them properly outdoors. For this we can use a drain bottles that we find in any store accessories for babies or pharmacies.

One of the biggest mistakes that are made after sterilizing baby bottles is to dry them with a dishcloth. By doing this we will have lost all the properties of sterilization, because the kitchen towels are a very important accumulation of germs.

The ideal is to keep them upright to drain all the water and in a few minutes we will have our bottle ready for a new use.

Sterilization of the bottle is important at least until 4 or 6 months of age. At this time it is necessary that a limited number of bacteria come into contact with the immune system of the baby to strengthen it, so it will be sufficient to wash it with soap and water properly, rinse it well and let it dry in the open air.

Did you know...

A sterilized bottle is kept between 4 and 6 hours. Little by little, contact with the atmosphere will contaminate it again.
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